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Best Ever Paper Airplanes

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Best Ever Paper Airplanes


Author: Norman Schmidt

Do you want to get a new children's book? Make sure you read Best Ever Paper Airplanes written by Norman Schmidt. The author is Norman Schmidt and the publisher is Sterling/Tamos. The book was available sometime in March of 2007. The book has 96 pages. We would like for you to get the best price when acquiring a child's book for your kids, click on the add to cart button.

It's a bird — no, it's a paper plane and 1 of the greatest ever to fly! From “ Eagle” to “ Swallow,” they come with easy-to-follow folding tips and fantastic decorating suggestions to copy, and feature designs that really soar and swoop. These 18 models, named for birds, are simply breathtaking. Color illustrations display the final versions, and there's detailed advice on construction, trim, and launching. The playful possibilities, arranged in order of complexity, consist of the slender, long-nosed Egret; the broad-winged Condor; and the highly maneuverable Mockingbird.


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